The Boots I Never Thought I'd Buy

Although I am a lover of fashion, I don't always run out and buy every that's trending. It's usually for two reasons - I genuinely don't like the item and it's not my style, or I don't believe that I'll get much use out of it which will lead to it sitting in my closet for years until I decide to finally part ways with it.

There has been a recent trending item for the last few seasons that I just knew for a fact that I would NEVER wear. And that is the white bootie! For years I've had this thing against certain items that came in white. For instance, I disliked thick framed white sunglasses and white flats/shoes. It was always something about the stark white item that wasn't very appealing to me. Now don't get me wrong, I do like many things in the color white like white sneakers for the summer, white blazers, dresses, and a few other things.

When the white bootie was appearing everywhere, although styled nicely, I would roll my eyes. Then one moment while styling some outfits for a few upcoming shoots, I had this picture in my mind of all the outfits that would look great with, dare I say it, a white bootie 🤭 so I did what we all do, jumped online and started searching for some. Eventually I landed on these that I found from one of my favorite Target brands, A New Day. They were the style that I liked and inexpensive which was great because I couldn't even believe that I was entertaining the idea of actually purchasing them.

I placed the order just to see how I would feel about them in person. I made sure to keep my receipt because I was for certain that I would be returning them. In my mind, there was no way that I would own a pair of white boots. But here we are people. Weeks later and I've been wearing them like crazy 😩 So far they've been the perfect Spring boot. I'm actually excited to pair them with more looks this season.

Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments!


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