New Hair, Who Dis?! I have Passion Twists!

Your girl is rocking a completely different look! Finally got a protective style to get a small break from dealing with the curls. I am OBSESSED with the way it came out. And did I mention that I did it MYSELF 😱 YES! I decided that I would do it myself to save some coin and of course film the video to show you guys (video below).

Summer is basically over, but I'm holding on to every bit of the warm weather that we're still getting. Threw on this all white look the other day and was very pleased with it. Of course, I'm still wearing my sneakers with dresses like promised in a previous post. Also, like I told y'all before, I'm obsessed with dresses that have buttons down the front. I've also been wearing them all summer. This white one is my fave. Loved it so much that I also have it in red 🙈 Anyone else buy the same thing in multiple colors? I'm def that girl when I find something that I love. Linked outfit deets below.

Sad that summer is coming to an end but excited for what's to come in the new season. I know that I've said this before (sometimes life truly gets the best of me), but I plan to bring waayyy more content here for my dot com peeps because this is where it all started. We're pushing on 3 years!! Can't believe it. Stay tuned for a huge giveaway coming soon 👀



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