How to Overcome Comparing Yourself to Others

how to overcome comparing yourself to others
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There's this quote that I love so much that I had to share it. "Comparison is the thief of joy"

I couldn't agree more! It is such a bad habit that many of us are guilty of and it will rob you of all happiness.

We often feel pressure to live up to the expectations that society, religion, and family have for us. And when those expectations aren’t met, that kind of pressure usually leads us down a slippery slope of comparing ourselves to others. When we see a person with a certain body type, we start thinking about how we don't like a certain part of our body. The very moment great things aren’t happening to us, we start thinking about how "so and so" is doing this and "so and so" is doing that. We see our peers, and even people we hardly know, on social media accomplishing things that causes us to feel as though we’re “behind” in life. But my question to you is, who created the rule book that stated you were suppose to have X, Y, and Z by a certain date?!

There’s this unwritten rule that puts so much pressure on us when it comes to marriage, children, career, looks etc. that it makes it harder for people to just be happy for another person. It makes our first instinct want to compare and compete. On top of that, we beat ourselves up as if we’re failures. When in reality - what’s meant for you, will be for you and happen accordingly!

how to overcome comparing yourself to others
Photo Credit: @mountainbikekeith

how to overcome comparing yourself to others
Photo Credit: @mountainbikekeith

We're all currently in our own chapter of life, so how could you compare your chapter 3 to someone else's chapter 8?

For the last few years, I've worked diligently on breaking myself out of ever feeling the need to compare myself and my situation to anyone. I'm still a work in progress, but I wanted to share a few tips that can help you overcome that feeling of comparison.

How to Overcome Comparing Yourself to Others:

  • Spend more time focusing on loving yourself - The relationship you have with yourself is the most significant. Always give credit to yourself and celebrate all of the great things that you do, have, and love about yourself. (see here for my post on self love)

  • Know that what's meant for you, will be for you - Don't fear that you're missing out on something because it's happening for others. Everything that's meant for you, will come exactly when it's suppose to. Trust your journey.

  • Stop putting so much pressure on yourself - Don't let society or anyone else give you a time frame of what you should attain in your life. Live your life the way you see fit by doing whatever makes you happy.

This is your individual journey called life. No one else is walking down that same path. Some may walk a similar road, but your journey is yours. It can’t be compared. Embrace every aspect of YOUR life at all times. Your features, your body, your career - it's all yours to love. There's no one else like you.

And always remember that what’s meant for you, will happen for you in due time. Just focus on yourself. It’s already written.

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