Hair Update: Q&A, tips for hair growth, dyeing my hair?!

I can not believe that it's been 3 years since my last relaxer!! Time sure does fly by. There was no better time than now to give you all a hair update. In the video above, I'll be doing a Q&A, length check, talking about my current hair concerns, and giving some of my hair growth tips. I may even be talking about a certain drastic change that I plan to do with my hair...👀 I'd love to know what you guys think I should do, so don't forget to drop me a comment with your suggestions!

Here are some photos of my hair over this last year of being completely natural. Leave me a comment of where you are in your hair journey. Are you relaxed, transitioning, natural? I want to know!

Lyasia in the City
June 2017

Lyasia in the City
August 2017

Lyasia in the City
December 2017

Lyasia in the City
January 2018

Lyasia in the City
June 2018

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