Faux Fur Realness

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday. To me, a new year is equivalent to a new journey and adventure. So I'm excited to see what 2017 has in store.

Kicking off the first post of the year is this bomb vintage faux fur coat. One Sunday back in September I snagged this beauty at L Train Vintage because I believe in love at first sight. Vintage shopping is so awesome because you can luck out and find some extra special pieces. I'm really into the idea of knowing that I'm rocking a piece from a different era that just may have been around during some cool moments. I have to admit, you must have a certain kind of patience when it comes to thrifting. It takes a little more digging and browsing to find the best pieces for you. But when you do, it makes it all worth while.

A faux fur coat (or real fur, whichever you prefer) is an essential winter staple. I love the versatility that it has. Not only does it look great with the obvious dresses and heels, it's also great with casual outfits like denim and chelsea boots. And of course, it'll keep you warm and cute and who doesn't love that? I was instantly obsessing over this coat when I laid eyes on it. I've planned to get a fur coat for the season, so I felt very accomplished when I found a vintage one. The neutral color makes it very classic and perfect for many outfits. Most importantly, I felt good in it. Even though it's a faux fur and inexpensive, I still felt luxurious.

This coat gives me "mob wives" realness and I'm here for it!


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