Bohemian Maxi

I've always been obsessed with little quaint towns where boutiques lined the streets and everyone spent their days at the towns favorite cafe. Growing up I've watched tons of Romance/Drama movies (yup, I'm that girl) that took place in these charming towns where friends would meet up at the local cafe for coffee then do some shopping. Well Burlington is exactly that. And being from a busy city like New York, I find small towns like this refreshing.

​Knowing that I would be spending the entire day roaming the streets, I grabbed one of my go to faves. The Maxi dress. They're easy, comfortable, and stylish. All of what I was looking for when spending a day out and about. I did hear that Burlington had a bohemian free spirited vibe to it, the exact words I would use to describe this dress. What I love most about this piece is that it's off the shoulder. Even with everything else being covered, there's still a sexiness when having your shoulders out.

While in Burlington, most of my excitement came from the amount of retail shops along the strip. They had the usual chain stores, but I was more interested in the many specialty boutiques. That's where you're bound to find me when looking for those one of a kind pieces. Not that I needed to buy anything additional to stuff into my already over packed weekend bag. At least that's what I had to tell myself to keep from actually making a purchase. Self control for the win! *Pats myself on the back*

H&M maxi dress (similar here and also love this) | Call it Spring Gladiator Sandals (similar here and here) | NYC Street vendor sunglasses (similar here and here) | Aldo Crossbody bag (similar here and here)


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