Growing up in New York City, it's quite easy to find inspiration everywhere. This city is filled with fashion, food, art, etc. and it really shaped me and my personal style. 


While pursuing my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management, I anxiously created my lifestyle blog that would be used as a creative and inspirational outlet. Unfortunately for me, taking classes full time, while working part time and interning was more overwhelming than I anticipated. Shortly after, I received my degree and jumped right into my career. I worked at two fashion showrooms as a junior account executive where I met some good people, worked closely with designers and buyers, exhibited at many trade shows and even then, I wasn't completely fulfilled.  

"My approach on life is simple. Eat great food, dress in amazing fashion, and live adventurously."

Lyasia in the City was created as a platform to share bits and pieces of my many obsessions. Here you'll find my take on fashion, my natural hair journey, traveling adventures, love for food, and everything in between. The things that keep my life fulfilled -  eat, dress, live. I hope that my site can be that 'go to' place for anyone looking to be inspired.


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